Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My recent Mighty post

I wanted to share with you another article I wrote for The Mighty today. Here's the link. Please share or comment or whatever moves you.

I realize that the trials with my son have moved me to write a lot lately. There's also so much to say about my daughter and how she has fit into our family as well. I am working on a piece to share with you soon.

Stay Mighty!

Me and my kiddos

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another summer almost gone

Hello friends! I have not kept up with my blog lately and I'm still wondering why. I love to write. It makes me happy. So why not do it all the time?

Main reason for not blogging: parenting 4 and 7 year old kids. Filling my days with their stuff. Trying to keep them entertained, happy, challenged, bonded, exercised and well-fed. It really is exhausting!

And I find that when you are a SAHM, turned over from a working mom, those hours spent working are quickly filled with SAHM-stuff. I thought I would have SO much free time to work on a blog...but actual free time is few and far between. I am learning that I have to make specific time for my own hobbies and endeavors. So here I am!

I did want to share this link to a story I had published in April. I love The Mighty's website. It has a wonderful collection of stories about disability, disease and mental illness. This particular story is about life over the past year with a child who has had extreme mommy attachment, a challenge that has been difficult for the whole family.

This summer has been filled with some great camps, lots of therapies, lots of swimming, and a terrific trip to Maui in June. My heart is happy with a great collections of photos we had taken there. We are so fortunate to have found a great photography company-look them up if you ever get a chance.

BellaEva photography
Our family

Siblings caught in a sweet moment :)

Enjoy the last bits of summer! More to come...